Adult Day Care Services

An adult day activity and health center is a program designed to meet the needs of functionally and or cognitively impaired adults through an individual plan of care. Members of our team consist of an RN consultant, LVN, nutritionist, dietitian, and a cook who all work together to provide your loved one the best care possible while with us. We provide a variety of health, social and other related support services in a protective setting during the day five days of week, giving you peace of mind. We help to serve as a cost-effective alternative in Long Term Care by offering families and individuals to maintain a normal daily schedule by offering a peaceful environment where clients enjoy a day of fun activities. Our centers are designed to keep individuals in their home and/or relieve the caregiver of their duties for the day while ensuring that their loved on will still receive proper care in a safe and friendly environment where there are constantly under the care of a licensed nurse. Our clients are also fed breakfast, lunch, and a snack in an air-conditioned or heated environment. Come socialize with other people and take part in activities such as bingo, arts and crafts, exercise, and much more!

Adult Activity Center Services

Are you having a hard time finding senior care or an adult day program for your family member? For those in San Antonio, TX, AlamoCare Adult Activity Center offers the assistance and supervision your loved ones deserve. This trusted adult day care service is a Medicaid Certified Facility and is fully licensed by The Texas Department of Aging and Disability. These caring medical professionals take pride in improving the overall well-being of clients through stimulating activities and nutritional meal plans.

The friendly team at AlamoCare Adult Activity Center welcomes seniors and adults with functional impairments to a fun social environment. Clients will enjoy spending their days taking part in entertaining games, such as pool, ring toss, and other guided activities. On select days of the week, the group goes on local outings. These field trips include stops at the movie theater, bowling alley, and restaurants. Other entertainment includes:

  • Bingo
  • Dancing
  • Bible study
  • Arts and crafts

Paying close attention to dietary needs, this proven adult day care provides healthy snacks and meals. Home-cooked dishes are served for both breakfast and lunch. Their well-trained kitchen staff is conscious of food allergies and medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. They carefully monitor clients and food sources to promote a safe dining experience.

In addition to activities and nutritious meals, clients receive free transportation to and from the facility. At all times, registered nurse consultants and licensed practical nurses are on duty to ensure the best care. If you have questions regarding the daily schedule or specific medical qualifications, feel free to reach out.

An average day consists of our clients arriving in the morning. We have clients that are dropped off by family members. We also provide transportation (in the surrounding area). Additionally, we pay for clients to come on VIA Trans. If a client doesn’t already have VIA Trans services, we have staff members that are very helpful at assisting in applying for services. 

Once at the facility, our clients are able to watch the morning news and socialize while they are fed breakfast with their choice of milk, coffee and juice. 
 After breakfast, our clients are offered a few options- they may place BINGO, participate in arts & crafts, or simply lounge around in groups and continue their conversations.  Before lunch, the clients get a chance to participate in guided exercises. After this, there is a little “dance party.” It is outstanding to see how music provides such a helpful impact in keeping one mentally engaging. A homecooked lunch is served. Well, all of our meals are homecooked on site. This allows us to be able to monitor any dietary conditions such as diabetes and food allergies. After lunch, our clients usually opt to take a walk outside in our secure and tree-covered patio. 

Our clients will then have a few more options in what they may participate in. We play LOTERIA, which is a crowd favorite. Others may choose to participate in an activity, such as pool, ring toss and other guided activities. 
At that point, our clients are fed a nice snack, before going home. We also have outings to HEB, the Dollar Store, the movies, Bowling, Morgan’s Wonderland, the Rodeo, food outings, Silver Star games, etc. The greatest thing about operating our facility is that we are able to learn and connect to our clients and see what things they are into and can plan our outings accordingly. We also have some great holiday parties, where their families can participate in, such as our Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Brunches, and our annual visit from Santa with presents for all the clients.

Take the stress out of finding the right adult day care center; put your faith in the dedicated and compassionate team at AlamoCare Adult Activity Center. Call them today at (210) 435-7800 to get started.